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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser (White)

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser (White) Estasoft - Software and Digital Products
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser (White)


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Elevate your pet care routine with the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser in an elegant white design. This cutting-edge pet fountain combines intelligent technology with thoughtful features to ensure your furry companion stays hydrated and happy.

Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Living: Experience smart living with the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser. This device supports intelligent linkage with other Xiaomi smart devices, creating a harmonious smart home ecosystem. Enjoy the convenience of automated interactions between your devices for a truly integrated living experience.

Remote Control via Mijia App: Connect the water dispenser to the Mijia app for unparalleled control and monitoring. Receive real-time push notifications on your mobile device, reminding you to add water, clean, or replace the filter element. Switch between different water outlet modes effortlessly using the app or the dispenser's function key.

Humanized Light Reminder: Never worry about your pet running out of water again. The dispenser features a light indicator that allows real-time observation of the water level. When water is insufficient, both the app and the red water level indicator on the dispenser will remind you to top up, ensuring your pet's hydration needs are always met.

Easy and Safe Water Refill: Adding water has never been simpler. Lift the top cover to automatically cut off the power, allowing for a seamless refill process without the need to turn off the device. The patented design ensures a real separation of water and electricity, making it safe and easy to rinse.

Generous 2L Water Capacity: With a 2L water capacity, this dispenser provides enough water for an adult cat for approximately 4 to 7 days. The top cover can store water, offering emergency drinking water even during power outages.

Oxygen-circulating Water Circuit: Simulate a natural mountain stream with the oxygen-circulating water circuit. This feature provides your pet with running water, encouraging hydration and maintaining their interest in drinking water. The 7° incline angle ensures scientific drinking, and the wide water surface facilitates gentle hair washing.

Fourfold Deep Filtering for Optimal Pet Health: Prioritize your pet's health with the four-stage efficient deep filtering system. This includes a micropore PP membrane, PET cotton, active carbon granules, and ion exchange resin, effectively intercepting fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, and ions that may cause kidney stones.

Mute System for Peaceful Environments: Enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment for both you and your pet. The fountain is designed for minimal noise, with a silent fountain outlet, a water circuit division structure, and a suspended pump to reduce operational noise to less than 30dB.

Mi Home App Integration for Smart Scene Interaction: Pair the dispenser with the Mi Home app for smart scene interaction. Receive timely maintenance reminders and choose between different modes for daily use, such as normal mode for 24h water dispensing or smart mode for frequent water dispensing during the day and intermittent dispensing at night.

Automatic Power-off for Easy Water Addition: Lift the handle to activate automatic power-off, facilitating easy water addition or replacement. The fountain resumes operation seamlessly when the lid is refitted.

Hair Blockage Prevention and Easy Cleaning: Prevent blockages caused by hair with easily detachable magnetic levitation fan blades. The split design of the filter and blades allows for regular cleaning, ensuring high water quality for your pet.

Separated Power and Water Circuits for Effortless Cleaning: The simplified design incorporates separated power and water circuits. The hidden power circuitry ensures effortless cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

Safe Materials for Guaranteed Quality: Rest assured with the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, made with food contact materials that meet safety standards. The water tank and lid conform to food contact material requirements, providing clean, high-quality, and safe water for your pets.

2L Volume for Convenient Travel: Travel with ease knowing your pet's water needs are met. The 2L volume satisfies the water requirements of a grown cat for 4-7 days, offering peace of mind during short trips. The lid also stores water, providing emergency drinking water in case of a power failure.

Careful Safety Details for Diverse Needs: The dispenser includes various safety features such as smart power-off to prevent idling, a bite-resistant nylon-braided power cord, a double-layer mat for stability, and the option to turn off the indicator for better sleep.

Cleaning Tips for Optimal Performance: Follow the provided cleaning tips to ensure optimal performance. Clean components at least once a week, including the water tank, lid, filter tray, water pump, and water pump filter sponge.

Suitable for Cats and Small to Medium-sized Dogs: Tailored to meet the needs of cats and small to medium-sized dogs, the dispenser is not recommended for young pets under three months or large-sized dogs.

Operating Noise and Testing: The operating noise is less than 30dB, providing a quiet environment for your pet. Tested by an authoritative agency, the dispenser meets high-quality standards.

Enhance your pet's hydration experience with the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser - where technology and care converge for a healthier, happier pet.

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