Vendor Program

Estasoft Vendor Program: Empowering Your Digital Product Sales

The Estasoft Vendor Program is a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase and sell their digital products on the Estasoft platform. With a global audience of nearly 50 million buyers, Estasoft provides a marketplace for businesses to reach a vast customer base. Here's why you should consider selling on

Why Sell on

  1. Global Shopper Base:

    • Join a marketplace where nearly 50 million buyers from around the world shop for unique digital items.

  2. Low Fees:

    • It's cost-effective to list your items, and once a sale is made, Estasoft's transaction fee is only 2.5%.
  3. Powerful Tools:

    • Estasoft offers tools and services that make it easy for vendors to manage, promote, and grow their digital product business.
  4. 24/7 Support:

    • Vendors enjoy 24/7 support from Estasoft, ensuring assistance with any issues that may arise.

How to Sell on Estasoft:

  1. Register and Create Seller Account:

    • Create a seller account, which will be reviewed by Estasoft. Once approved, you can start selling your digital products globally.
  2. Import Your Products to Estasoft:

    • Utilize the vendor dashboard to import your digital products easily. Follow the steps, including creating an Intofinity account, accessing the vendor dashboard, and importing products from your files.
  3. Receive Orders and Sell Your Product:

    • Ensure your digital products are listed and available for sale. Promote them to potential customers, and when an order is placed, process it promptly. Delivery of digital products leads to payment from Estasoft.
  4. Get Payments and Grow Your Business:

    • Optimize your business growth with these tips:
      • Offer a variety of payment options for customer convenience.
      • Set competitive prices based on market research.
      • Leverage Estasoft's global community for enhanced exposure.

Best Fees to Start:

  • Estasoft offers affordable, transparent, and secure fees for vendors:
    • $0 Listing Fee.
    • 10% Final Value Fee.
    • Access to a global community of over 160 million shoppers.
    • Seller protection and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do fees work on Estasoft?

    • Fees include a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. Listing costs $0.20, and a 3.5% transaction fee is applied to the sale price. PayPal payments incur additional processing fees.
  • What do I need to create a shop?

    • Set up a shop by creating an Intofinity account, specifying your location and currency, choosing a shop name, creating listings, setting up a payment method, and establishing a billing method for Estasoft Fees.
  • How do I get paid?

    • If you accept PayPal payments, funds from Estasoft sales are deposited into your PayPal account. Sellers are encouraged to use a PayPal Business account.
  • Is a credit or debit card required to create a shop?

    • No, a credit or debit card is not mandatory. Sellers can choose to use a credit card or register via PayPal for verification.
  • What can I sell on Estasoft?

    • Intofinity provides a marketplace for handmade creations, vintage goods, and crafting supplies, both handmade and non-handmade.

Ready to start making money? Join the Estasoft Vendor Program and unleash the potential of your digital products! Start Selling today.