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Truly Office Family 2024 Lifetime License

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Truly Office Family 2024 Lifetime License Estasoft - Software and Digital Products
Truly Office Family 2024 Lifetime License


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Truly Office Family is the groundbreaking productivity suite designed to revolutionize your home and work productivity needs. As a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft 365 Family, Truly Office Family empowers you to unleash your creativity, enhance your productivity, and accomplish more with your personal and business projects.

With its comprehensive range of applications, Truly Office Family equips you with the tools you need to excel in the digital world, all while offering affordability and enhanced privacy. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs and hello to a seamless office experience with Truly Office Family.

You get great compatibility with all document formats and say goodbye to the challenges of managing an array of document formats. As a one-stop platform, it allows you to work with documents in all formats, including popular file types like Microsoft Office, WPS, HWP, and PDF, without breaking a sweat. Whether you are working on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, Truly MAX's compatibility helps you get the job done.

You can also convert and edit PDF documents effortlessly and transform PDF files into editable Truly Word, Sheets, or Slides formats. Effortlessly convert your files back into PDF format for easy sharing and viewing. Taking advantage of the ability to make notes directly on PDF documents means that you can collaborate with others effortlessly and efficiently. 

Get Truly Office Family today for 5 family users/devices at a lower cost. 

Productivity apps

  • Truly Word: Powerhouse Document Creation
  • Truly Sheets: Dynamic Data Management
  • Truly Slides: Captivating Presentations

Truly Office Family makes document creation, editing, and formatting a breeze. 

Our powerful word-processing tool offers an intuitive interface and a variety of formatting options that will help you craft impressive reports, letters, and manuscripts. With seamless compatibility with popular file formats and advanced collaboration features, you can work simultaneously with family, colleagues and friends.

Document Viewing and Editing

With Truly Office Family, view and edit all your documents easily, from collaborating to sharing files, all in one platform.

Mail Merge for Personalized Communication

Create personalized email messages with Truly Office Family's powerful PDF merge feature. Streamline your communication efforts by leveraging recipient data to send customized messages to multiple recipients.

Streamlined Efficiency with Double-Click Tasks

Truly Office Family's intuitive double-click feature elevates productivity! Complete thousands of tasks effortlessly, reduce repetitive actions, and streamline your workflow.

Dual UX and Shortcut Keys

Dual compatibility with Microsoft Office shortcuts and user interfaces ensures a smooth transition to Truly Office Family. Quickly adapt, increase ease of use, and harness the full potential of Truly Word regardless of your previous office suite experience.

Privacy Protection

Truly Office Family puts your privacy at the forefront. The application offers advanced privacy protection features that allow you to search for personal information within the document, such as resident registration numbers, telephone numbers, bank account numbers, and addresses.

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