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Truly Office Business 2024 Lifetime License

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Truly Office Business 2024 Lifetime License Estasoft - Software and Digital Products
Truly Office Business 2024 Lifetime License


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Experience the power of Truly Office 2024 Business Lietime License, the ultimate productivity suite created to propel your business to new heights. With outstanding features, seamless collaboration tools, and unparalleled document management capabilities, Truly Office Business is the definitive choice for enterprises searching for a top-tier solution for Windows users.

Loaded with extensive applications, Truly Office 2024 Business empowers your team to thrive in their daily responsibilities. Unleash the complete potential of your Windows devices with Word, Sheets, Slides, PDF, and Mail. These tools provide everything you need to effortlessly generate, modify, collaborate on, and store your invaluable business documents.

Elevate your business by upgrading to Truly Office 2024 Business and embrace a fresh era of productivity, innovation, and triumph on your Windows devices. Experience the zenith of professional-grade performance, thoughtfully designed to unlock your business's full capabilities on the Windows platform.

All the tools and features you need to start and grow your business.

  • 1 users 
  • Lifetime license 
  • Apps included: Sheets, Word, Slides, Mail, PDF
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac 
  • 30-Day Free Trial


Truly Word: Powerhouse Document Creation
Truly Word frees document creation, editing, and formatting. Our powerful word-processing tool offers an intuitive interface and a variety of formatting options that will help you craft impressive reports, letters, and manuscripts. With seamless compatibility with popular file formats and advanced collaboration features, you can work simultaneously with colleagues and friends.

  • Document Viewing and Editing: With Truly Word, view and edit all your documents easily, from collaborating to sharing files, all in one platform.
  • Mail Merge for Personalized Communication: Create personalized email messages with Truly Word's powerful mail merge feature. Streamline your communication efforts by leveraging recipient data to send customized messages to multiple recipients.
  • Streamlined Efficiency with Double-Click Tasks: Truly Word's intuitive double-click feature elevates productivity! Complete thousands of tasks effortlessly, reduce repetitive actions, and streamline your workflow.
  • Dual UX and Shortcut Keys: Dual compatibility with Microsoft Office shortcuts and user interfaces ensures a smooth transition to Truly Word. Quickly adapt, increase ease of use, and harness the full potential of Truly Word regardless of your previous office suite experience.
  • Privacy Protection: Truly Word puts your privacy at the forefront. The application offers advanced privacy protection features that allow you to search for personal information within the document, such as resident registration numbers, telephone numbers, bank account numbers, and addresses.

Truly Sheets: Dynamic Data Management

Effortlessly manage and analyze your data with Truly Sheets! Use built-in formulas, conditional formatting, and various functions to optimize data management tasks. Generate insightful charts for a clear data view and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

  • Over 460 Functions and Error Checking: Use a library of over 460 functions for mathematical, statistical, and logical operations. It's everything you need to perform calculations, analyze trends, and generate reports. Truly Sheets boasts strong error-checking capabilities to detect and fix formula errors, guaranteeing data accuracy and completeness.
  • Pivot Tables: Truly Sheets' pivot tables elevate data analysis. Gain valuable insights easily by analyzing, summarizing, and visualizing data dynamically. Stable function operation and rapid results empower data-driven decisions.
  • Data Filtering and Sorting: Truly Sheets enables the efficient organization and management of large data sets with filtering and sorting functions that eliminate clutter and identify patterns. Comprehensive data management features enhance productivity and simplify complex datasets.
  • Powerful Conditional Formatting: Truly Sheets provides powerful conditional formatting options to highlight cells based on specific criteria or unique values. With intuitive visual cues, you can effortlessly comprehend and interpret your data, saving time and improving decision-making.
    Effortless Editing of Large-Sized Documents: Truly Sheets handles large-sized and complex documents seamlessly, optimizing performance for efficient work.

Truly Slides: Captivating Presentations

Truly Slides allows you to create captivating presentations that leave a lasting impression. Design stunning slideshows with beautiful visuals, smooth transitions, and engaging animations. Unleash your creativity with design templates, customizable layouts, and powerful editing tools. Deliver impactful presentations like never before, and optimize your content using Truly Slides.

  • Smart Guides for Precision Layout: Truly Slides' smart guides revolutionize how you design presentations. Move objects, and the guides automatically mark the exact location based on surrounding elements for precise alignment and layout. Enhance your documents' quality and professionalism with visual guidelines that streamline your design process.
  • Insert Online Images and Videos: With Truly Slides, adding high-resolution visuals to your presentations has never been easier. Easily insert stunning images from platforms like Pixabay and PEXELS, or embed YouTube videos to enrich your slides. Elevate your presentations with eye-catching imagery and engaging media elements, capturing your audience's attention.
  • Slide Master for Efficient Design: Truly Slides simplifies presentation creation with its slide master functionality, allowing for quick and simple edits while maintaining a consistent and professional look throughout your presentation.
  • Animations and Transitions: Truly Slides has an extensive library of 50+ animations and 40+ transitions, along with a Smart Art asset library. Bring your presentation to life with animations and transitions that complement your content. Engage your audience with precisely timed effects and sound enhancements.
  • Presenter Tools: Truly Slides enhances your presentation experience with its range of presenter tools. Utilize features specifically designed to streamline presentations, from transitions to navigation and control. Focus on delivering a polished and engaging presentation with Truly Slides.

Truly PDF

Truly PDF offers comprehensive tools to streamline your PDF management tasks. With its intuitive interface, reliable performance, and powerful features, Truly PDF lets you view, convert, edit, annotate, and search within PDF documents.

  • Quick and Stable PDF Viewing: Truly PDF offers a fast, stable, and seamless viewing experience for PDF documents, even when working with large files. Enjoy smooth scrolling, quick document opening, and clear picture quality at high magnification levels.
  • Efficient PDF Conversion and Editing: Truly PDF simplifies converting and editing PDF documents, enabling seamless collaboration and flexibility to work with PDFs in the best format that suits your needs.
  • Annotation Tools for Collaboration: Truly PDF offers powerful annotation tools that streamline collaboration on PDF documents. Highlight key passages, take notes, add memos, and easily provide feedback, facilitating efficient communication.
  • Effortless PDF Document Search: Truly PDF allows you to search for specific information within PDF documents quickly. The built-in search function helps you instantly locate keywords or phrases and reach relevant areas.
  • Form Function for Interactive PDFs: Truly PDF enables easy addition and editing of PDF content using the form function. The Polaris Office Pro Plan offers advanced capabilities for creating interactive and fillable PDF forms, ideal for conducting surveys or collecting data.


Mail revolutionizes your email communication experience. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Mail enables you to manage your emails efficiently, stay organized, and create personalized messages effortlessly.

  • Efficient Mail Merge and Label Generation: Mail simplifies personalized email through seamless mail merge. Customizing newsletters, promotional emails, and personalized updates are a breeze with Mail's feature. By eliminating manual customization, Mail saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Stay Organized and Boost Productivity: Mail offers advanced email management features to keep your inbox organized and streamline your workflow. Categorize emails easily, set up filters, and maintain an organized inbox to boost productivity and stay on top of important conversations.
  • Secure and Intuitive Email Communication: Mail is a secure and user-friendly email client with advanced encryption and seamless integration with popular email providers.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • CPU: Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent CPU or Recommended: Intel Core i3 or equivalent CPU
  • RAM (Memory): Minimum: 2GB or Recommended: 4GB or more
  • Graphics Card: Support for OpenGL 3.0 or higher
  • Display: Recommended: 1600 x 900 or higher
  • Hard Drive (HDD): Minimum: 1 GB available space or Recommended: 4 GB available space

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